Ugg üretim yeri


As we enter the Fall 2010 selling season around the world, Kitson, the leading global, fashion retailer and one stop shop for the world’s A-LIST celebrities, has recently made it no secret of the fact that EMU Australia is now the „must have“ sheepskin boot.  Over the weekend, Kitson revealed their position on Australia’s authentic and premium sheepskin brand – EMU Australia – with the unveiling of their new store windows at two locations.  In Japan, on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo customers were greeted with a window stating, „What’s hot now!! EMU BOOTS“ and in Kitson, Santa Monica, LA, a window reading „What’s hot – EMU Boots, What’s not – UGG Boots!“

„EMU clothing and footwear has set itself apart from other sheepskin companies as consumers are becoming more educated about sheepskin.  People now understand that most other brands selling sheepskin are either pretending to be Australian or they are using inferior quality materials and copying everyone else’s designs,“ shares Peter Abbott, EMU Australia’s CEO of the Americas.  „The EMU brand ethos focuses on producing the finest quality Australian sheepskin clothing and footwear. Our premium retail partners around the world like carrying something genuine and unique. EMU is not a brand for the masses.“The privately owned, Australian-based company remains true to its Australian heritage, with the global headquarters still based in Geelong, only 20 minutes drive from The Great Ocean Road, where the category started.

Our Australian factory remains on this site, where we have been making boots since the beginning.  The product is designed on Victoria’s wild Surf Coast, taking inspiration from our natural environment, developing styles that reflect the life we live and the premium quality we expect. EMU is proudly Australian and both our products and marketing promote the great Australian lifestyle. EMU Australia has sales offices in Australia, the USA, Germany and London, and our products can be found in premium retail doors worldwide as well as directly from.