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Though Cannes has launched many cinematic landmarks, its reputation wouldn’t be the same without the famous red-carpeted “steps.”“They are part of what makes Cannes unique,” says Trouble, dragging on a Marlboro Light in the Hotel Costes. “The steps create a special ambience. Cannes is glamorous. The men are elegant; the women are beautiful. The photographers are in tuxedos.“Gilles shows that glamour. He also shows the ideas. He understands the festival isn’t only one thing.”As does Trouble.Uggs amazon Though Cannes has become part of her production work, the designer hasn’t forgotten its fashion factor. “I made a western tuxedo for Jim Jarmusch this time that he hardly took off the whole festival. I also made a tuxedo for Gilles.”This story first appeared in the June 28, 2005 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.Meanwhile, Trouble’s production schedule is whirring forward.

At present, she is involved in about a dozen films, including a feature by director Patrice Chereau and a “making of” about artist Matthew Barney’s new “Drawing Restraint” cycle.“I’ve always loved film,” she says. “I grew up near a cinema. At night, I could hear movie music filtering into my room.Uggs amazon Fashion is just my job.”The would-be bidders for pieces of The Jones Group Inc. are lining up, but the process — which is being run by Citi — is still focused on selling the entire apparel and footwear businesses separately or the whole company outright. Toronto-based Sherson Group, a longtime licensee of Jones’ Nine West footwear brand, has hired investment bank Avalon Net Worth to pursue an acquisition of the moderate footwear business, which includes Nine West, Bandolino and other brands.

“They’ve engaged us to get to Jones and see whether we’re able to extract that piece,” said Jack Hendler,Uggs amazon president of Avalon. “They want to make sure it falls into the right hands.”This story first appeared in the August 15, 2013 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.The licensee has some company in the wings. Delta Galil Industries Ltd. is also believed to be interested in buying the Gloria Vanderbilt business. And a source close to the situation said, “Every garmento in New York has come out of the woodwork” wanting a part of the company. The source cautioned that not all of the expressions of interest are credible.