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The two most searched-for products through most of Cyber Monday were the Kindle Fire and Ugg boots, says Experian Marketing Services, a company that helps retailers with digital marketing and analyzing consumer data. The five retail websites receiving the most „Cyber Monday“ searches were, Target, Amazon, Walmart and MSN.Money, in that order, the Experian data show.Price comparison website reported about a 17% increase in traffic over Cyber Monday last year as of about noon ET, and CEO Steve Krenzer expected about a 20% increase for the full day.“I’m just hoping for a Black December to go with this Black week,“ says Krenzer.

He might get his wish. Economist Chris Christopher of IHS Global Insight said Monday that he expects online holiday retail sales to rise 17% above last year.“Last year’s holiday online retail sales amounted to a little over $67 billion, and this year’s holiday online retail sales are projected to be about $79 billion,“ Christopher says. „This is no longer chump change by any means.“After seeing the traffic and crowds on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Illinois forester Kevin Sorby, was looking forward to online shopping Monday. He was looking for a tablet and shopping on Amazon „with ease“ Monday, he said.“Cyber Monday is my new Black Friday from here on out, “ says Sorby.

Alyssa Lommel was barely clinging to life in a coma at the burn center of Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minn.The 19-year-old had been airlifted from Duluth after spending nine hours outside the morning of Dec. 7, 2013, in temperatures as low as minus 17.Lommel was found with a body temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (about 79 degrees Fahrenheit), two degrees colder than when most people’s hearts stop functioning.Doctors cut open her arms in an attempt to relieve swelling and restart circulation. Her stomach was cut open to give her lungs room to expand — an effort that eventually failed, causing her to use an oscillator breathing machine.“We were all prepared to say goodbye at one point,“ said her mother, Teri.But four months after the accident, Lommel is alive and well.Despite amputations up to the knuckles of the fingers on both hands and parts of both her feet, Lommel is completing everyday tasks while living at her parents‘ St. Cloud home. She plans to be living on her own again this fall in Duluth.