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Likewise for Celerie Kemble, now eight months pregnant with her second child.Uggs bailey bow “I think the worst thing is to cover it up and then look like you just got fat. The more it’s obvious and localized, the less you sort of get those grazing looks like, ‘Oh, poor girl.’ And there’s something more charming about a marsupial than a hippopotamus.”Certainly it seems that Lopez is bucking the current trend. Yet that may have more to do with her overall approach to fashion these days than with a newfound maternal modesty. Lopez’s plunging, pasted-on Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys remains her most memorable fashion moment, although that was eight years and several fashion incarnations ago. Today, she is more about grown-up glamour queen than sexpot.

“I think she’s more covered up because she’s simply grown out of the booby-tape thing — she’s done that,” says Jill Kargman, author of “Momzillas.” “She’s more mature, and the husband probably elicits her more nurturing, grown-up side versus Bennifer on the boat in that video [with Ben Affleck] untying her string bikini.”Lange concurs. “If she had gotten pregnant six years ago, I would expect her to be more like the young Hollywood starlet,Uggs bailey bow but I feel like she’s dressing very much in keeping with the way she likes to dress now. She’s gone fairly ladylike in the past few years, very appropriate for a woman her age. And she’s a young woman, but she’s not 19.”

Regardless, Lange and fellow maternity designer Emilia Fabricant,Uggs bailey bow of Cadeau Maternity and Babystyle, agree that the two extremes of celebrity choice reflect a greater reality. “It’s indicative of how maternity clothes are today,” says Fabricant of the market’s increased styles. “There’s so many different designers providing that service that allows a woman to actually choose which direction to go in when she’s pregnant.”Designer Rachel Roy, who is expecting her second child with husband Damon Dash, appreciates the idea that a woman can easily stay true to her personal style during her pregnancy. Yet she wants to stay comfortable, too, and guesses that Lopez does as well. “It’s hard. Some women live to be pregnant, and they glow,” Roy says. “It’s not like that for me. It’s difficult, and your body goes through changes. You bloat and your feet are flotation devices and shoes don’t fit and your skin itches because it’s stretching. It’s not something you want to slap something tight on.”