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The US-based company that owns UGG Australia has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against their competitor Emu Australia, claiming they’re „deliberately confusing customers“.Emu’s response? They’re amused. Ha!A representative for the Australian shoe company said in a statement:“The fact that UGG Australia has filed a lawsuit against a company for misleading consumers makes us laugh down here in Australia.size  Ugg boots „Emu goes on to say there’s already 70 registered trademarks in Oz and New Zealand that include the word ‚ugg‘, which is used to describe a pull of sheepskin boot.Decker has already been in court with another Australian company over the use of ‚ugg‘ and lost, which probably explains why Emu’s so amused that they’d try and do it again.

They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing footwear–hey, they’re not exactlyLouboutins–but they’re comfy as all get-out and clearly high in demand if holiday shoppers‘ purchase habits are anything to go by.size  Ugg boots It probably also helps that they’re slightly less expensive than Louboutins.According to data from Experian Marketing Services, Uggs have been named the most popular and most searched-for item this holiday season, beating out such heavyweights as Read the rest of this entry »Could the days of eskihoes be numbered!?Their Modern Classic boot „not only redefines the omnipresent classic style; more importantly, it incorporates features found in athletic footwear, addressing the negative impacts that the more common sheepskin boot can have on one’s feet and posture.

„Kris Zacharias, CPO of Koolaburra explains the new boot, saying:“Thanks to a tighter fit, ergonomic insole and traction tread sole, the Modern Classic is intended to be worn for extended periods of time“The boots will be hitting shelves this Fall, so until then you’ll still have to scuffle around in your knockoffs. However, in exchange for having healthier feet you’ll have to shell out the ca$$$h. The Modern Classic will retail between $198 and $268.A little expensive for a faux UGG.In their third quarter earnings report, Deckers Outdoor Corp. said UGG profits dropped 31%, which they’re blaming on warm weather and price increases.To remedy the situation, Deckers plans to cut prices on certain styles, but some analysts don’t think that’s enough.With all the reports going around that UGG knockoffs are terrible for the feet,Koolaburra has jumped at the opportunity to let ladies know they will soon be launching „foot friendly“ sheepskin boots.