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“‘Hysteria,’ ‘hysterectomy,’ they both come from the Greek for ‘uterus,’ this idea that ‘you’re anxious? You’re sad? Your uterus is in the wrong place.’ Doctors would induce what they called ‘paroxysms,’ what we know to be orgasms, as a cure….What’s funny about [the film] is that these doctors have no idea that they’re involved in anything sexual, and it’s the truth, they’re doing this outrageous thing of treating women for an invented condition by giving them orgasms, and they have no idea what they’re doing and would be horrified at the suggestion,” Dancy grinned.“Being a woman during that era: Terrifying!” Angela Lansbury said.Uggs österreich kaufen “The absolute absence of women’s rights, the complete mystery surrounding that part of medicine.”

Jimmyjane, producer of “modern vibrators for modern women,” was sponsoring the event. One p.r.Uggs österreich kaufen flack added in earshot that there would be gift bags distributed at the after-party at Hotel Chantelle.“Oh! Well, isn’t that appropriate?” Lansbury smiled, mugging with Pryce on the step and repeat before entering the theater.Mamie Gummer, Lucy Sykes and Zadie Smith cohosted the screening. The film’s title seemed especially apt for Smith, who’s acclaimed 2000 novel “White Teeth” was dubbed “hysterical realism” by English critic James Wood in his review for The New Republic. “Slightly different use of the word,” Smith smiled.Wexler read a note to the audience from Gyllenhaal before the film began.“Miss Maggie writes: I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be here tonight. I am at home in my pajamas,” Wexler read, adding that Gyllenhaal gave birth to her second child only a few weeks ago.“I hope you enjoy the film, and maybe will even see it multiple times,” she read on. “I have the feeling you’re going to want to come again and again.”

Uggs österreich kaufen Retailers and manufacturers at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Annual Meeting faced harsh realities during their four-day top-tier conference last week, with topics such as stockkeeping unit effectiveness plans, destocking, margin-slicing promotions and aggressive discounts taking center stage.But the challenges seemed to pull some of the 2,000-plus attendees together during meetings at The Breakers Hotel here, where they said the sessions were surprisingly optimistic, with a shared willingness to work toward a common goal — even with some financial arm wrestling.This story first appeared in the April 24, 2009 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.“There is a positive attitude in a down economy,” said Ido Leffler, chief executive officer of Yes To Ltd., a first-timer to Annual.