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Fashion decisions aside, the Colts have counted on Hasselbeck, a longtime starter in Seattle and Tennessee, to play an important role this postseason – and the past two weeks, with consecutive games against Denver Broncos‘ quarterback Peyton Manning and New England’s Tom Brady, have been his biggest challenge of the year.Ugg falda It’s up to Hasselbeck, a longtime starter in Seattle, to study the opponent’s offense, down to the quarterback’s tendencies, his snap count and his cadence, all to help prepare the Colts‘ defense for game day. This week, that’s meant adopting Brady’s language – „Alpha go,“ compared to Manning’s „Omaha, set, hut.“My job gets super confusing, because I have to refocus like – ‚OK I’m a Colt. Get those guys out of your mind.‘ It’s harder with those veteran guys, ‚cause they do so much,“ Hasselbeck told USA TODAY Sports. „You really get into character, and you could lose your focus on you.“

Hasselbeck will also spend extra time with Colts‘ defensive coordinator Greg Manusky and the team’s defensive signal callers, middle linebacker D’Qwell Jackson and safety Mike Adams as they talk through what they think Brady might do.It’s an area what Hasselbeck hopes his extensive NFL experience is paying off now that he’s in a backup role.I kind of love watching how defensive coaches prepare, plan for an offense. What matters to them? How do they break their tendencies up?“ Hasselbeck said.Ugg falda „I’ve always liked that and had a good relationship with defensive coordinators.“Need to know: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman did actually play in the season opener against the Green Bay Packers, though the final box score might have reflected differently, given Packers‘ quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ aversion from throwing anywhere near Sherman, one of the league’s best cornerbacks.

The tactic worked to an extent in that Sherman didn’t wind up burning the Packers – but it failed in that the Packers ignored Sherman and still lost. Will Rodgers‘ dare test Sherman in the rematch on Sunday?What to expect: Rodgers will have to find a way to better use the entire field – and that means occasionally testing Sherman.Ugg falda Sacrificing a receiver, even one who isn’t Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb or even Devonte Adams, is too much of a risk. This is where Rodgers‘ health and the status of his balky calf could be a factor. When playing against Sherman, passes, especially those thrown to the right sideline, must be precise. Miss high or inside, and Sherman will intercept it.