Ugg lluvia

As we mentioned last year, US-based company Decker Outdoor Corporation which owns UGG Australia had filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against their competitor EMU Australia, claiming they’re „deliberately confusing customers“.The issue comes over the generic word “ugg.“So EMU is fighting back as they’ve now filed a lawsuit alleging that Decker’s original “ugg” trademark was really obtained after a false statement to the US Trademark Office and is therefore invalid.This means Decker could eventually lose all of its registration rights in the US.Paul Neate, EMU Australia’s owner, reveals:“Decker has aggressively marketed their ‚ugg‘ – Australia marks and many consumers are unaware of the fact that UGG Australia is in fact American-owned and based. There is a lot more to be told about the history of the word ‚ugg,‘ not only in Australia and Asia but also in the USA, Canada and in the UK and Europe.

We believe in time the courts will come to hear the truth in different jurisdictions and will hand down decisions that make this history clearer for all concerned.UGG Australia’s luxurious UGG Collection is not just for women anymore.The makers of the popular sheepskin boots revealed they’re launching a high-end line of shoes for men inspired by rock gods Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison as well as The Beatles.The expensive kicks range in price from $325 to $795 and will launch sometime this fall.It’s a good thing Tom Brady’s starring in the ads because the shoes are kinda fug!Remember how we told you UGG Australia would be launching a high-end collection of shoes and handbags ?Well, here they are!The new UGG Collection will be available starting September 1st at posh retailers and UGG flagships, but be prepared to shell out the big bucks.Price points for footwear range from $495-$1195 and handbags $650 – $1950.

Matt Hasselbeck swears his fashion choices this week were by accident, and not part of some quarterback version of method acting.Still, Hasselbeck sighed Friday afternoon as he looked into his locker and realized that he did, indeed, don UGG boots while en route from his house to the Colts practice facility, where he spent his days impersonating Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, noted UGGS‘ pitchman, on the scout team offense.„Not on purpose.Although now I’m wearing Lululemon,“ Hasselbeck said, pointing to his gray pants from the upscale athletic apparel company, and shaking his head. „That’s also not on purpose.“