Ugg patten

I feel I have a responsibility as an actor, and as an audience when I watch something, to feel things. Like I don’t have to go through the breakup in “The Notebook,” for example, to feel it, but I can go along with it and be entertained and hopefully learn something about myself. And that’s what I really learned from my first couple gigs, that I’m addicted to being on set.Ugg patten And I love being the center of attention. I love being a goofball — so it all just sort of clicked at that time. And then of course my grades in college started going down (laughs).

It’s the craziest story. I was going to give up acting; I’m so dramatic, I’m such an actress, in that everything is so extreme! I had two major hip surgeries last year and I was out of commission a lot. I was auditioning and getting great feedback but I wasn’t getting anything. I got to a point where I was like, “It’s not about getting the job, it’s about the audition room and doing good work. It’s the one chance a day to do what I love.”Ugg patten I think Amy Adams said that. And I was like, “Oh my god, when am I going to get to that point?” But she’s totally right. I reached the point where I had fun in auditions, and I think that changed how people receive me.

In December, I was going to go back to Chile, I got an audition to do a self-take for a show called “Broke” [the original title for “Feed the Beast”]. I did it, forgot about it and went to Chile, then went to Uruguay, and then they were like, “Lorenza you have to fly back they want to test you.” Meanwhile, my mom was getting married in two weeks. my husband came home and I was like, “You know what, I’m giving up acting, this is just too hard.”Ugg patten I’m just yapping, in my moment, and I get a call, and it’s my team telling me, “You got it.” And I can show you the Snapchat. My husband shot the moment I got it. That was on a Tuesday, my mom’s wedding was Friday, and I had to be in New York shooting on Monday. And then a blizzard comes in. And then I do it all — my mom’s wedding in Santiago, fly back, the blizzard comes in, I get stuck in Miami, finally make it here. And I’ve been here since.