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Shoppers can fill out a self-addressed wish card, which Joffe promises to hand-deliver to a high lama in Nepal for blessing.Richard Wright’s auction house is in a large, really large, building that previously functioned as a printing house (1440 West Hubbard Street). Uggs äkta “I feel the physical manifestation of my business is this building,” Wright told me as we toured the repository of collectibles, which he sells in online auctions, among them a sculpture, circa 1975, of a sheep with a sheepskin torso, “after François-Xavier Lalanne” ($4,500).

He continued, “To have this space—to do things on this scale—is Midwestern. Sure, we want to make money,Uggs äkta but we don’t have to be overtly commercial all the time, because there isn’t as much financial pressure. We can be experimental. I couldn’t do this in New York.” In the Modern Design auction to be held October 6th, you can bid online on a curvy teak 1953 Hans Wegner valet chair, cleverly contrived to hold a man’s suit: hang your jacket on the hanger-shaped back, and lift the seat, which becomes a rail on which to hang your trousers; then stash the contents of your pockets in the space below the seat (; estimate, $10,000-$15,000).

The contiguous neighborhoods of Wicker Park and Bucktown (so called because of the goats supposedly raised there in the early eighteen-hundreds) ooze with gentrified grooviness. When I asked Robin Richman, of the Robin Richman boutique (2108 North Damen Avenue), to describe her shop’s aesthetic, she pointed to her considerably tattooed store manager, who was wearing a vintage circus costume that Richman had given her—a black-and-cream cotton jumpsuit with an orange necktie.Uggs äkta “We’re not into names like Prada,” Richman said. Duh. A boiled-wool tunic that can be twisted and turned and worn in a variety of ways was made by a company called Complex Geometries, whose clothes require a wearer with an I.Q.