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higher than mine ($205). A local designer named Ryan Davies, who goes by the name Sophisticated Science, makes attractive necklaces from circles cut out of wooden doors ($190).Stephen Naparstek named his Wicker Park boutique Bonnie & Clyde’s (1751 West Division Street), Uggs äkta eller fake after a nineteen-eighties punk-rock shop in Stamford, Connecticut, that he used to fantasize about when he was growing up nearby. “I’d never been there, but my older brother would go all the time and tell me about it,” he said.

The hodgepodge of art, accessories, and clothes for men and women is arresting.Uggs äkta eller fake My favorite items were a black leather jacket from Junker, with grommets and assorted decals, that had been hole-punched, sanded, shredded, left to rust, and temporarily buried in the ground by a person whose job title at the designer’s studio is “the destroyer” ($1,540); a sheer gray Christian Siriano trenchcoat dress with orange piping and clear buttons ($1,700); and fantastic stuffed animals by Jo-Jo Baby ($200-$500), including one that looks like Felix the Cat’s strung-out cousin, with mismatched taxidermy eyes and claws made from forks.

A leather handbag called Guardian Angel ($495) is embossed with a visible outline of a pistol and comes with instructions cautioning the buyer not to carry it in a bank or through airport security. I think it would be just the thing to insure that you don’t get picked for jury duty.I asked June Blaker,Uggs äkta eller fake who, years ago, in her boutique City introduced Chicago to Comme des Garçons and other Japanese designers, whether she’d ever thought about starting a business in New York. “It’s easier to be on top of the pile here,” she said.