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Even for those trying on the clothing, the mirror also doubles as a video camera, capturing a 360 degree view of what an outfit looks like and making side-by-side comparisons. Shoppers can replay the video and share with friendsEarlier this year, Neiman Marcus rolled out the MemoryMirror outside fitting rooms in three of its locations — Walnut Creek, California, San Francisco and the Dallas suburb of Willow Bend. It is considering activating the „virtual dressing“ feature.John Koryl, Neiman Marcus’s president of Neiman Marcus stores and online, said the mirror allows the retailer to for the first time have specific information regarding who tried on the dress and bought it. He said while shoppers must register for a unique account with their email address to use the mirror’s features. Any data collected on the mirror’s usage is anonymous and aggregated, he said.

A division of online seller eBay that’s called eBay Enterprise and specializes in providing retail technology and service also has fitting-room technology that some stores are testing. Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s first two stores in New York and San Francisco are testing the new fitting room technology that uses radio frequency identification that embeds data in clothing tags. It will be rolling out the technology when it opens stores in Chicago and Los Angeles later this year, says CEO Uri Minkoff.It works this way: a touch screen allows the customer to flip through a catalog and indicate which items he or she wants in the dressing room. The customer inputs their cellphone number and the sales clerk texts when the fitting room is ready. When the shopper walks in the dressing area, the mirror recognizes the items and displays the different clothing on the screen.

Minkoff said the two stores testing this technology are selling the clothing two and a half times faster than expected and shoppers are increasing the number of items they buy by 30 percent. „We are creating dressing room therapy,“ said Uri Minkoff.EBay Enterprise also is working with Nordstrom, helping the company understand how the technology performs on a larger scale. Nordstrom uses the mirrors in some fitting rooms in Seattle and in San Jose, California, but they work a little differently: Shoppers are equipped with bar code scanning devices so they’re able to see what’s in stock in the dressing area. „We will listen to the customer as they use the mirror and see what changes make sense to improve the experience,“ said Nordstrom’s spokesman Dan Evans.